"PROOF! Now You Too Can Get 100+ Followers on Instagram in 10 Days or Less - And It's a Lot Easier Than You Think!"

If you've ever wanted to grow an engaged audience on Instagram, then you're gonna wanna read every word on this page…

Dear fellow marketer, 
If you're like a lot of people I talk to about Instagram growth, then you've probably heard it all by now… 

Follow for follow (then unfollow) 
Buy followers (surprisingly, there are still services that do that & people fall for them) 

Mass like 20+ posts of each person you see on the Gram (stalker much?!)
Cold DM people asking to follow you (bleh)

You've seen it all, huh?! 
All of these "solutions" promise you tons of likes and followers.
And then what? 
Still no leads & sales. 
Have you heard a story of an Instagram "influencer" with 1.6+ million followers that couldn't even sell 16 t-shirts?

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.. 

Are you ready for a Reel Growth Strategy? (Pun intended)

That's why I'm putting together this Grow With Reels Workshop to teach you THE strategy to blow up on Instagram and attract your dream audience that will buy more than 16 t-shirts from you. 😂

The reason so many "influencers" fail is because they're just chasing the numbers and looking for an "easy fix", or they never TESTED the real growth strategies. 

When you see these people with thousands of followers, you think they know what they're doing. So when they decide to sell a product talking about "how to grow on IG", you might run to grab it, only to find the content you have already seen on YouTube for free.. 

Grow With Reels LIVE Workshop Will Teach You Exactly How to Create Video Content That Pulls People Into Your Audience (That's Exactly How I Gained 100+ Followers in a Little Over a Week) 

When I say this strategy works, I mean it!

Best part? 

You can achieve the same (and better) results with short videos that don't require professional & expensive video editing like sometimes YouTube does. 

And if a Russian chick like me can do it, then you can too!  

All you need is a phone and a step-by-step strategy to get it done. 
Here's everything you're about to learn in the Grow With Reels Workshop:

How to go viral on Instagram without being dancing or pointing at the screen (although that's a pretty valid strategy for beginners) 
The tech behind the viral videos - all you need to know about editing and making it FAST (yes, I know it can take time, but I'll show you the fastest ways possible)
How to get content ideas on TikTok without wasting 2 hours in a scroll hole
Already got video content all over the web? I'll show you how to give it the new life with Reels 
My Reels batching system that allows you to record up to 30 reels in a single DAY 

So now you might be wondering.. 

How Much is it?

If you've ever purchased online courses on similar subjects about social media, then you know some of them go upwards of $997. So you'd expect to pay at least $297 (the industry average) for Grow with Reels Workshop, and it would be worth every penny to get these sorts of results.

But the good news is that you don't have to pay $297 to get results.

You don't even need to pay $147. 

That's because if you act right now, you'll get everything you see on this page for only $47.

That's a great deal for something that has already been tested to get you results when growing your Instagram audience. 
Only thing is this price won't last forever. The moment the timer hits 0, the price will double. 

Still got questions?

Is there a replay if I can't make it live?

Yep, there will be a replay provided after the training is done. Rewatch it as many times as you want.

Are reels really right for my business?

TikTok showed all of us that you can build a huge business regardless of what you do. Here are just a few of the industries I've seen blow up with short vertical clips - lawyers, relationship experts, e-commerce stores (jewelry, makeup, smart inventions, etc.), fitness trainers, affiliate marketers, plastic surgeons, accountants, therapists, coaches, event pets whose accounts are monetized. So as you can see, the possibilities are endless. 

Will it work if I have little time?

I know what you might be thinking - how much time do I need, how the heck do I edit those videos? While sometimes it may feel time consuming, it's not AS time consuming as YouTube where you gotta publish 10+ minute videos. You'll learn all my "reel" hacks for quick editing and getting it all done on your iPhone in as little as 15 minutes per day.

I'm scared of camera..

There are 3 strategies that you'll learn in the workshop that won't require you to show your face on camera if you're not ready yet. LOTS of possibilities with Reels!